Historic Pontiac Mills –
Phase I and Phase II

Warwick, Rhode Island


Pontiac Mills redevelopment, Warwick, RI

Client: Hampton Hodges
Gillespie and Company, Inc.
This project included the redevelopment of the historic Pontiac Mills. Phase I included the redevelopment of approximately 278,000 square feet of office space, 13,400 square feet of restaurants, 15,200 square feet of retail/artisan space and a 120,000 square foot, 180-room hotel. The redevelopment consisted of demolition of structures, renovation of buildings, and new construction.

CE performed infiltration/inflow assessments of the existing sanitary sewer systems, pump station capacity review, water/sewer designs, traffic evaluations, site design for parking lot expansion, stormwater mitigation, flood plain studies, and environmental permitting.

Phase II of the redevelopment included 153,700 square feet of residential space, 5,000 square feet of restaurants and 1,500 square feet of retail space.

Phase III of the project will include construction of a parking garage structure, an existing paved landfill cap and renovation of two additional buildings on the site.