Crossman Engineering has handled the permitting of over two thousand infrastructure and development projects throughout New England and the eastern United States. Our staff is knowledgeable in the regulations  and permitting process involved in obtaining municipal, county, state and federal approvals for infrastructure projects. The following is a partial list of permit experience:


Solar Energy Project

Transportation Related Permits
Traffic Signal Warrant Analysis
Signal Alteration
Curb Cut Installations
Alteration of Access Limitations
Physical Alteration Permits
Encroachment Permits
Stormwater Connection
Utility Extensions

Environmental Related Permits
Freshwater Wetlands Alterations
Water Quality Certificate
Pollution Discharge Elimination System Permit


Environmental Permitting for Bridge and Highway Construction

Underground Injection Permit
On-site Wastewater Treatment Systems/Septic Systems
Sanitary Construction Permit
Dam Installation/Rehabilitation
Water Supply Permit
Well Head Protection Program
Underground Storage Tanks
Massachusetts MEPA review
Coastal Resource Area Alteration
Soil Erosion Control
Department of Health/Wells

Commercial Land Development

Water Distribution Systems

Army Corps of Engineers
Wetland Permitting

Local Municipalities
Soil Erosion Permit
Earth Removal Permit
Zone Change Filings
Planning and Zoning Board Approvals
Conservation Comission Approvals
Building Permit Submissions
Department of Public Works and Utility Connections
Stormwater Permits
Historical Commissions

Federal Permitting
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Federal Highway Administration
U.S. Coast Guard/Waterways