Arterial Traffic Control Systems –
Phenix Avenue/Park Avenue and Elmwood Avenue


Rolfe Square intersection

Cranston/Providence, Rhode Island

Client: Rhode Island Department of Transportation

This contract involved the preparation of traffic studies, a Design Study Report and final design plans for two arterial roadway segments. The Phenix Avenue/Park Avenue roadway system consisted of eleven intersections, and the Elmwood Avenue system is composed of sixteen intersections.

Engineering field reviews were performed at all of the intersections and the following items were noted:

  • Adequacy of signs and pavement markings
  • Signal face visibility
  • Effective use of visors and backplates
  • Inoperable detectors
  • Poor signal timings
  • Traffic flow efficiency

After conducting the field reviews, existing base plans were prepared for inclusion in the Design Study Report and for use in the development of the final design. Crossman Engineering was also responsible for traffic signal equipment photo logs, traffic data collection, capacity analyses, time-destination studies, and development of time/space diagrams.

Crossman Engineering is currently developing final design plans for the two arterial systems; including all of the appropriate interconnect plans and fiber optic details.