Improvements to the Route 6/Route 10 Interchange


Aerial view of the interchange

Providence, Rhode Island

Client: Rhode Island Department of Transportation

This project involved the development of a Design Study Report with preliminary design plans and an Environmental Impact Statement for the Route 6/Route 10 interchange in the Olneyville section of Providence. The prime project objectives were to address the deterioration of the existing bridges, reduce congestion, and improve the north to west travel movement.

Design alternatives were developed based on the current AASHTO Highway, Street and Interstate System Design Manual and the Highway Capacity Manual. The project area has an array of abutting land uses which range from residential to commercial and manufacturing. The project is located near the Woonasquatucket River and a portion of the project is within the 100-year flood plain.

An Environmental Impact Statement was completed for the proposed improvements in accordance with the Federal Highway Administration regulation 23 CFR 771 and Technical Advisory T6640.8A. A description of existing environmental conditions was developed for social, economic, land use, cultural resources, land and water resources, ecology, traffic and capacity, accident and safety, and existing drainage. All of the potential impacts were addressed for the preferred alternative in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act guidelines.